Traverse City Is Getting More Health Programs

The regional center in Traverse City will get more health insurance programs especially when Great Balley State University decided to expand their Mast of Public Health and Bachelor of Allied Health Sciences programs in the city.

“We decided to expand these two health programs based on the professionals’ requirements to fill up the health related vacancies in companies. Also, In Northern Michigan, there is more focus for educational health programs.,” said Theresa Bacon Baguley, research associate dean from College of Health professions.

There is different scope of each program. The intention and focus on Master’s in Public Health (MPH) program is on promoting health through educating, intervening, and policies. The programs will also intent to address the particular requirements of a community and thereby the health condition of people will be raised. This will also lower the disparities.

An assistant professor, Heather Wallace employed in expanding Traverse City, point outs that this kind of expand in health field is first of its type in the city and it enhances the living condition of people who are in Traverse City.

“When more graduates come up from health related courses like MPH, they are in fact getting a good source to acquire new skills and knowledge. The demand for these skills is higher in the market now. Young graduates will be equipped with the new skills and   wellness policies, which they can explore in a company. They can also evaluate the requirements and effectively implement the resources for more efficiency and better results” said, Heather.

When looking at the course details, the enrollment is only till May 1. There will be admission for 15 applicants in the first batch and the classes will commence in fall 2016.

For Allied health sciences program, the enrollment and admission started. Classes for it also will begin in fall 2016.

Allied health sciences program is a complimentary program in support of the MPH started in Traverse city, according to Micheal Wambach. “For a student interested in Physician assistant studies, there are undergraduate and graduate programs that we are offering in this stream”, said  Wambach. This will also give a wider choice of studies and opportunity to know skills that are more new and then equip themselves with quality education. The health needs are greater in the city and thus studies are opened door for emerging young graduates, who are looked upon to serve the needy people in the City.

In the opinion of Roy Olsson, College dean of Health Professions, the programs intend to give better employment opportunities for graduates in Northern Michigan and Upper Peninsula.   This not only serves the interest of the people looking for health services in the area, but also a good way to increase the economic condition and lifestyle of the city through nee professionals come up with flying colors every year. Traverse City benefits a lot through these health programs. The program authorities are in their best effort to ensure more job offers for their students.

Business Opportunity & Ideas In Traverse City

How To Start A Business In Traverse City – Find Business Ideas

There are people who always find new ideas, and try to do something in his own life. No doubt, this is a good idea. And eventually, that idea can give you all those frames and goals what you ever imagined in your life. In terms of talking about a business, all the ideas can work out if you implement with the best level of attributes.

While we are considering having our own business, there is something we must have to consider. And that’s to confirm all the mainstream aspects of the business by which it will get the ultimate level of success. Here our team is eager to help those people who are willing to start their own manufacturing business, service provider business, farming business, etc. Here we enlisted some very important and essential factors which are required to have a great business. If you have an idea about your business then it is good, otherwise you can check some profitable business ideas online on internt, Willing people may follow these facts to have a clear idea of the setup.

Basic Points:

Interact With the Owners Who Are Running A Successful Business:

We all know that sufficient business skills and lots of great ideas have also the chances to get a failure if that person doesn’t have a better perception & scenario; that what is happening in the actual market. Let’s assume that you want to start a tissue paper manufacturing business(TPM BUSINESS). For getting this scenario and knowing all the ups and downs of this market very clearly, that person must consult with a genuine TPM business owner. By that he will get done will all his mental set-ups of a TPM business.

Do Maximum Research:

Don’t stop or satisfy with a little research. Dig as much as you can, and stand with a lot of relevant information and financial statistics. Find the ways of investing the less and gaining the best.

Set Your Plan:

After being great concerned and satisfied with the information tray, you must have to prepare your plans. Eventually, a lot of your thinking will get changed after digging so much. Now you are standing with a clear perception. Then just consider a great plan for setting up your business and stick to your vision.

Extreme Points:

Select Perfect Location:

Being a businessman, you know well that a perfect location is everything for a successful business. And for making a great industry you have to lie on proper water supply, proper electricity, proper drainage, best environmental condition, better employment options and a highly framed place for getting into the front page. Now, you have to find a better location where all these aspects will be available to you.

Register Your Business & Get The License:

After making all your plans of the mainstream business, you have to certify your business name in a legal manner. Here you have to select your company name, and as per your country rules, you just have to follow all the legally required rules and complete all the technical formalities to make it a legal business and take all the governed subsidiaries.

Whether To Buy First or Make It After The Orders:

After getting the ultimate license for your factory and before implementing your entire workforce; you have to think that would you manufacture your tissue papers first and then go for representations or do it after fixing any deal! Just select your strategy, and go as you like. Both the cases are good and risk taking, but if you are applying the best strategy then you will definitely get the goal.

Get All The Required Machineries & Equipments For Your Production Unit:

Here you have to maintain the budgeting. Buying a lot of machinery by investing millions of money may not work out quickly if your company is not popular in the market. So for fresh business, this will be better to stick some minor plans first and grow the business while gaining the revenue.

Fix Some Great Marketing Strategies for Your Company:

Before getting a lot of man power just has some fixation on your strategy and vision, about “what will the ultimate goal of your company; who will be your preferred buyers; and how will you inspire everyone and convince them to buy from your industry!

Hire Skilled Workers & Set Up A Training Procedure:

Here the deal comes to invest again! You have to place ads, take interviews, and check the skills of interested peoples. When you are going to train your fresher employees, that may cost you huge! But try to make it with the best ,but a cheap way. But remind, whatever you are budgeting in this stage, you have to train them very well, because tomorrow they are going to produce products for your company.

Hire Skilled Workers & Experienced:

You can also hire experienced employees. They will be the asset of your industry. An experienced person knows how to run an industry, how to work in an industry and how to gain a great profit margin. But an experienced man will cost you more.

Get the Potential Buyers, For Your Production:

It’s right that you can gain good profits from small projects. But when you are getting big projects of making tissue papers on a great scale that will increase your profit margin 10 times than the smaller productions. So finding a great potential buyer for selling the product is very important.

Set Your Vision:

Vision and loyalty is a very important thing in business. If you are going to cheat your clients, then definitely they will not deal with you for further. But if your vision is clear to provide everyone with the best level product then your business is going to grow forever.

Teens Health Problem Gynecomastia in Michigan – Gynecomastia Surgery Advise

Gynecomastia – An embarrassing disease

You must have heard about the condition where the teens and sometimes adults develops chest fat which looks like girls breast. This disease is known as gynecomastia and it can be treated with the help of many available treatments. Doctors suggest that early stage gynecomastia or man boobs can be treated with the help of having control in diet plan. Many teens in Michigan are suffring from this condition and are worried about available treatment.

Also check – Gynecomastia Stats By Country

Gynecomastia surgery in Michigan is among one of the growing surgery in America and in Traverse City. Doctors have witnessed enormous growth rate in gynecomastia surgery as compared to last 4 years. Many doctor suggest that gynecomastia can be cured with the help of surgery only and cannot be cured with the help of any pills and diet plan. Having said that, we are also witnessing growth in the number of available treatment approach for gynecomastia. Most teens or adults who are suffering from gynecomastia is considering alternative to surgery methods which is with the help of pills and also with the help of exercises.

Hormone which causes gynecomastia and how to control

Main reason behind this gynecomastia is the disbalance in hormone level in men. Estrogen and Testosterone are two hormones which is present in both men and women which is responsible for male and female traits respectively. If female hormone level exceeds in men then it causes gynecomastia.
Levels in hormone can be controlled with the help of diet plan and exercises. Garry davidson, who is expert in gynecomastia says that everyone can get rid of it with the help of simple tips on how to control hormone level in men. You can read his post here on man boobs treatment methods.

What pills are available for gynecomastia

There are several pills which are available for this disease but one should consult his doctor before considering the pills for man boobs. In general there are plenty of pills available but only few is good and most effective. Garry Davidson says that there is no need of pills and it can cause side effects to the body. He says that only his exercise methods and diet plan can control and balance the hormone level in men who are suffering from man boobs.

But, doctors says that pills are not effective in treating gynecomastia

Surgery for Gynecomastia

You should go for surgery if your gynecomastia is severe and which cannot be controlled with the help of exercise and pills. Many doctor in traverse city also says that surgery is the fastest way to get rif of gynecomastia. Unfortunately, there is no immediate health cover for this disease and surgery is costly. Also, surgery for this man boobs is painful and it takes about a month to recover. Many men have claimed that they got their gyno back after surgery. Doctors said that surgery can reduce the fat in chest area and surgery cannot control the hormone level which is main cause of gynecomastia in teens and adult men.


Firstly, you should use diet plan and exercise method to get rid of this man boobs and see whether you are seeing any improvements or not. After no improvement, then you can go for surgery after consulting doctors.

Local Micro Loans & Small Businesses

Dakota along with Garret has been working on the idea to launch a product since past three years. When they saw a patent pending product that had huge sales; they decided to launch their product.

Finally when they launched their Action Glow LED kit that can be used along with sports equipments, it comes with ten types of utilities ranges from bicycle to canoes, can be used for surfboards, skis and so on. With the launch of their product, these young brothers became busy with their business competitions and meetings.

Last year, after they started and upgraded their website, it was busier than ever since being the Christmas season. Things happened to be on tight schedules for them

Garret, vice president of Parallel Lighting (16 years) said “When Christmas season started we are in need of more stocks”. Dakota is the president of the company in Traverse City.

With the deficiency of enough funds in their business, especially during peak season, the brothers took loan from small business loan program that was initiated by ‘Traverse City Area Chamber of Commerce’. They availed a long of $2,500, which was enough to pay for equipments, stock and to pay for their suppliers. At Acme workshop, it was then easy for them to ramp up assembly.

This type of Sub Micro Loan program is a good relief to such small business entrepreneurs. Porters believe that it is a boon in the business-financing sector. If the loan wasn’t there, our deliveries will be delayed and we would have made people to wait for long time. Our Christmas sales would have been deeply affected and reduced. Now things are in a better shape” told Garret.

Small Loans to Big Success

In 2013, Traverse City Area Chamber Fundation along with the Fifth 3rd bank introduced loan facilities for small business or start up companies, who are looking for funding and capital investments or other operational needs. This type of loan differs from the traditional lending methods.

As per the program, loans of $7,500 to a maximum limit can be given for a short term. This type of short term loan has the payback period of 6 to 24 months with the interest rate of 8-12%.

According to Laura Galbraith, V.P of the Chamber, the loan program is a success as its demand is stable every month, getting at least three loan applications. By the mid of November, there were about 12 loans sanctioned and it comes around $80,000.

Salvador Montes, the owner of Rey Exports dealing with animal hides is one of the latest loan applicants in this loan program. The company needed loan for buying animal hides all over Northern Michigan and then sell it for manufacturing leather products like shoes to Mexico.

According to Galbraith, the program is socially relevant as its supports and fulfills the need of community. Due to which, no more than 40 job opportunities were provided to people in the city. Moreover, the program goes on with no defaults and borrower issues. Both eth authorities of the loan program, invested the capital amount of $50,000 each for fund revolving.

In the view point of Shooltz, “the loan program has been a great success and exceeded the expected growth. The job opportunities it gives, good record of accomplishment of payment history etc are some of the relevant growing ingredients for this program. Through its continuous support, many people are now getting enough funds to push their businesses ahead. This looks rewarding”.

Considering another interesting story of Debra Caperton, the whole business growth was like a ladder, Dabber was a former teacher and a single mom, who in 2010, launched her dream business to work for the betterment of teachers and help their to have better lives. She started with SOS lab , wherein the children with special needs as well as adults were given behavioral strategies, skills, academic support and other personal development programs.

For Capeton, the president of SOS, the business success came through her one client once strategy. With eth support of enough business funding, she gave enough job opportunities for other women and expanded her business operations to new location. Sub Micro Loan Program was the real help for her as she got $7,500 towards her loan. This was enough for her to functions her lab, increase business requirements etc.

She applied to the Sub Micro Loan program and received $7,500, enough to equip and open a lab in leased space and provide a comfortable “environment that people can come into,” said Caperton, SOS president.

Caperton said that her business got a new dimensions through this loan program. Moreover, she could also initiate a new business plan with the support of counselor from SBDC. She says “Now my ducks are in proper row and not worried about how to deal things comes up in my way.”

According to Galbraith, the loan facility is a true help for people looking for different fund sources. Some people may buy goods and build stocks or others may use to pay franchisee fees. The needs are different however. The best part is that according to her is the turnaround time for loan revision or provide funds. With less TAT, it comes to real aid for people in their urgencies.

The loan process is simple and the entrepreneurs are supposed to fill the applications and provide their details about tax returns and financial records and business plan. The underwriter verifies it and forward to the loan committee, there the potential business deal is assessed. To review their financial plan, revenue details, credit score, loan repay capacity etc, the entrepreneurs are supposed to meet SBDC Champer partner .

Galbraith says “the whole process finishes just in a week. Our attempt is on to fasten the whole process”

For Jim Harper, things were on Chaos when critically needed some fund to support his business, which is about aiding people with mental disabilities. All his focus was to help them to lead an individual lives. In October, 2011, when Jim started specialized personal recovery services. He had to hire employees and there were huge cash flow issues. He had to deal to weekly payroll but the services were paid only after 30-90 days. This financial constraint made Jim to go through financial difficulties.

Harper said “This payroll issue swallowed all my retirement funds”

He used to get the reimbursements slowly and it gave serious issue to several contracts he made, which later ended up just like that. The thing was that he somehow needed money to support all these issues. However, with low credit score, bank loand facilities were available when he approached his own previous bank, where he was an employee before.

Switching to Sub Micro Loan Program has been a real boon for him as he got the required funds $7,500 immediately. For Harper, it was like a god’s gift, he could meet all his dues, and easily deal with the payroll till his reimbursements from services came.

Harper said “If this loan wasn’t there, honestly I don’t think I could reach this position in the business where I am today. For me, it offered huge saving possibilities along with a good cash flow, which was something I lacked.”

Who’s Afraid Of The Driverless Car In Traverse City

Local insurance agency executives forecast ahead about the arrival of driverless cars on national highways. In addition, when it arrives, the high demanding auto insurance premium market worth $200 billion will fade away to a corner.

Tyler Bartosh , who is a Top O’ Michigan Insurance agent in Traverse city office opinions that” If a car needs no driver, then the scope of  private insurance will be no more in the market”

Now when it actually happens, you would find it hard to see Flo, the progressive insurance advertising spokesperson and Geico insurance gecko in the scene and selling insurance to individual customers would not need them anymore. Commercial market will be the focus of auto insurance companies, which include auto-manufacturing companies and transport services.

Auto insurance market is dimmed not only due to this mobile innovation of driverless car. Even though to  a greater extend, these are great challengers, the existing ride-sharing services are no less a fear factor for auto insurance market. Uber, Lyft and Zipcar like car sharing services are in fact a threat to the normal car insurance market. Next major step taken by Uber, Lyft, Maven etc is to bring forward the concept of self driven cars.

As per the opinion of David Ford, from Traverse city’s Ford insurance agency, The auto insurance world will shake with the impact of such dynamics.

Within next 5-10 years, the era of self-driven cars will rule the market in the opinion of some experts. However, with the advancement of technology, even today also technology has put its hand in the automobile industry and innovated the vehicles with automatic braking, cruise controlling became flexible and warning system incorporated for lane departures etc.

However, these new technologies are quite a risky factor when it takes away even the need for a driver from the car seat. As per the report by KPMG, a consulting company, many accidents would take place in United States which would come to about 80%. The report also says that by 2040, there will be no more relevance to auto insurance market as there will be lower accident claims and less premiums.

Drivers will no more to get distracted with mobile phone navigation systems, texts etc when self-driven cars comes in to existence. In fact, such distractions are more occurring and being a concern of safety measures in the national highways in the present scenarios.

According to the study conducted in 2014 by National Highway Traffic Safety administration, there are more number of accidents resulted due to the driver distractions. And such accidents contributed to about $46 billion financial losses during 2010. When considering the overall crash cost in highways, this figure contributes to 17%.

According to Bartosh, there are huge distracted driving happening.

The future of self-driven cars are still uncertain and it is kind of an alarming factor for our present insurance companies. Hence, they can’t go ahead with a proper planning in this aspect. When planning s found tough as there are no past records of insurance amount for self-driven cars. According to Peter   Kuhnmuench, the executive director of Insurance Institute of Michigan, insurance premiums are calculated based on the assumptions from the past accident data. But in case of self driven cars, that is a miss.

About 75% of US citizens feel uncomfortable and afraid of travelling in self driving cars, according to the national survey by AAA done in March. Out of these, about 40% of people feels that there is no need for semi autonomous features within a car, that are currently available in the market.

When there is an increased scope for autonomous vehicles in the current market, people are not completely ready to automate their cars and leave the whole control system to it. The well trusted technological advancement in this manner and incorporating autonomous vehicles is still far from the digest of American drivers.  As per the opinion of insurance agency executives, another challenging factor for autonomous vehicles is that in the initial stage of its launch, it won’t be fully autonomous. There can be manual overrides for driverless cars and the drivers are allowed to control the vehicle whenever they want to do so.

There is a different regulation demanded by California Department of Motor Vehicles as they propose the presence of a licensed driver within self-driven cars. Their demand is valid to a good extend as California is having the country’s biggest car market. However, Google is in the view point that a driver within an autonomous car will not be a good idea as its affects the safety of autonomous vehicles with the poor interference and improper decisions of human drivers.

Linda Fisher, the founder of Cardinal Insurance Group in Traverse City says that it can have high implications tot the vehicle insurance market. The personal insurance demand can be affected due to this innovation.

Warranties are given for self-driven cars that they do not crash. However, it is not sure as to how far this warranty by automakers is reliable. They still give warranty against defects. Fisher says that if a manual overriding of autonomous vehicles are allowed, the individuals may need liability insurance. Fisher said “Still it is unclear about who uses this autonomous self driven vehicles and what about the permission for using the self driven cars? Is it possible to make changes in vehicle features? Yes there involves many factors related to it.”

Ford is in the opinion that even after the launch of self driven cars, it will take long time, may be a generation to keep it stay stable in the market. However, it is essential for Ford and other such insurers to start thinking about shaping up their business models according to this new twist of self driven cars. “Agency owners will have to think about revising their product mix. It is normal to deviate the focus from one product to another, when its demand subsides. They can do in that manner”, Ford said.

Fisher relates this situation to the instance of Uber cars in the industry where personal car owners started using their cars for rental purpose and for paying passengers. This growing practice I sin fact a threat to the insurance market, creating a lot of liability to insurance companies. Fisher said “ Uber gives shock to us as we were not prepared for it”. Local insurance agents said that they are not afraid of driverless cars; however, it cannot be ignored too. When something that greatly affect insurance premium market, ignoring it won’t work well, said Bartosh.

Infrastructure With a New Face

With the term “Infrastructure,” different images come to our mind, something that of roads, bridges, railways, dams and so on. These things are round us and we feel them in fact as its defects affects us and we will know it.
To enable a community to be successful and clean, we need a system that focuses not only a physical infrastructure, but also something beyond it. If you think, what it can be, we just have to shape and nurture our social life, economic condition, environmental safety and such integrated infrastructure is something a community needs.

Now when we want an integrated infrastructure, it require four essential and key factors : Skilled and talented people with an urge to innovate and succeed, capital funds, proper facilities and technological support, Client contacts and user bases.

Traverse City is built with entrepreneurial efforts and dreams where innovative and skilled people forms part of the city’s history. The technology wave hits Traverse city with the launch of computer equipment and process build by John Pareson with his partner Franl Stulen. This changed the world to a different level. Their inventions were in fact given the name of “Second Industrial Revolution” that works on the Numerical Control of Machines (CNC). This technological impact touched many business indoors were even now CNC is widely used in many companies.

To boost the talent infrastructure in the Traverse City, the efforts of some community people aimed at the establishment of Northwestern Michigan College. With the graduating students from there, the community gets job opportunities to a greater extend. It also contributes to our global economic condition, as we are a part of it. The intention is to grow higher and wider within and beyond the nation.

When there is enough talent available, our workforce needs will be easily met. We give the opportunities to students when they start their studies here, it is even possible to get a transfer to international universities, where they can go and study. Our programs are recognized nationally and internationally. Bachelor degrees with selected streams were firstly offered by only NMC in the Michigan region. We take pride in it as it was accomplished with the hard work of our talented faculties, staffs, and support from the community.

Talent development is a focus area as it leads directly to the development of intellectual infrastructure in Michigan region. In fact, this can be considered as equity investing where the paybacks are availed for the whole lifetime. Investing in infrastructure holds its own risks, as we need to focus beyond the limit of its good and dark sides, especially in the flexible market conditions in Today’s world. A feasibility study is a must when long term goals are set, wherein we have to peep into its possible achievements. A belief about no investments when lack of fund has to be removed. When other factors appears bright, it is not necessary to think about the affordability. Sacrifice is often the leading path to success. Talent development is a social improvement attempt, that helps to reap new talented people to shape our future better. Continuity in talent development seems to be an inevitable factor in the region as its absence will affect the region’s growth adversely. We believe that investment in human talents will be our long term return.

To create a bright infrastructure, everyone has their own roles. A single institution may find it extensive to handle the whole scenario alone. All entities and people including taxpayers, schools, businesses, churches, students, faculty etc have to work together with faith and work hard so as to ensure a bright and successful community. It’s our need to multiply the DNA of talent within the community, before it breeds out and finds new ways.

To do that, we have to put efforts together to meet every needs of the community. There will be need for investments, investors are to be found, and resources are to be utilized optimally. A value added service to others is something we have to bring into make our future bright. A global success to our community will be assured when we smartly use our talents and support them to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.

Traverse City Businesses Finds it Tough to Fill Manpower Requirements

Traverse city businesses goes through a slow phase seemingly as there are many “Help wanted”, and “Now hiring” visible all through the city. However, comparatively a few Northern Michigan business ventures are busier.

This shows that there are in fact many business owners finding it tough to get enough work force or help to continue their business. Traverse City is always busy as it has its tourism attractions all over the year. When spring starts, the business ventures usually go ahead with hiring process.

However, some owners like Paesano’s Piza say, “We have our help wanted signs held up for years”

“Though we remove them often, still it is up for about two years now. It’s because we still lack full staff support for more than two years.” Robert Kolarik, the owner said.

“We need to find the numerous reasons why people are not ready to work. When they are ready to work, more excuses comes up like don’t have a car, need leaves or breaks, cannot work for long hours and so on. It is hardly 25-30 hours a week they are supposed to work and its far less than a fulltime job hours”, says Robert.

Well, Paesano’s is not the only company tying to fill their open positions. Another example in the town is Running fit, which also tries hard to find the right employees at the earliest.

Every year we get more business with increased tourist’s inflow to the city during the season. Now those busier seasons are not there as before it used to be. We are having lack of staffs and it is like kind of in need of summer help, even in spring. Hopefully we get enough staffs by April.” Says the manager, Daniel Siderman

The unavailability of enough workers are in fact affecting the businesses of traverse city. It leaves a greater impact in their sales and revenue. Daniel says that “ We just need to focus on better customer service during busiest seasons and when things are settled, we are ready to give staffs enough attention.”

A Colorful National Festival

Summer brings in a lot of festive mood for Traverse City, during the festival year! It is now over 80 years, the colorful National Cherry festival triggering up our celebrations for Traverse City, the American Cherry Capital. Summer festival lasts for eight days and during these days, there will be more than 130 events and attractions for Traverse City people to enjoy to the fullest! Some amazing attractions include free air show, events for kids, concert, parades, food courts , races, Cherry Pie eating , pit sitting competitions. Irrespective of your age, everyone is allowed the entry.

Summer time gets cooler with another added color to the festival celebrations. Since, 2005, there holds Traverse City Film Festival showing new movie releases, classic and evergreen films, short films documentaries, small production featuring held at different areas in the city. To entertain the Traverse people, every evening great them with family movies shown at open space on big inflation screens.

The season also serves its people with Traverse City Summer Microbrew & Music Festival that has more than 200 varieties of drinks including beer, wines along with a good music treat. Traverse City Wine and Art Festival bring the varieties of wineries where the people can taste and enjoy them. There are food courts served with varieties of food made by local chefs, artwork exhibitions, weavers, potters and many such interesting things to watch and enjoy along with the music concerts.

That’s a small bunch over here, still more to enjoy and have fun with on the summer festival all around the city. More events are there to entertain people in the summer including Traverse City Walker Dairy Festival, Cedar Polka Fest and so on.

When Collaboration of Art and Fashion Come Alive

Art and Fashion shares their same DNA for the first time. Be it in apparel designing or a mesmerizing catwalk, art has its punch line in those. Fashion world witnesses some good-labeled boutiques with collaborated visual arts names, that give a new twists to the Fashion than ever before. When art combines with fashion, the wearable art forms find its new path, in fact, the collaboration benefits on both sides. Fashion when tuned in to new style sense to appeal fashion lovers with its wearable artworks, artists are no more behind as they get the popularity by reaching to mass audience.

When this trendy of art fashion combination triggers up, we moved keeping our heads together to the online fashion world through The Long Lyst. The Long Lyst continues to be the leading fashion talk destination online, being the busiest website. We discussed on art, fashion, touched histories, talked about fashion business and when it is nearing a century, we made a revolution through innovative support. The unbreakable bonds of We Heart and Lyst take you on a tour about their relationships between fashion and art.

With fashion and art ramps away at its peak presently, this is no more a new phenomenon. Its evidence can be noticed when the period of world war, when a famous fashion figure, Elsa Schiaperelli walked in the ramp with a fashion art collaboration. Salvador Dali’s artwork found a new horizon through Elsa and then teamed up well those days. Such creative combinations might have given birth to the creative Lobster Dress in 1937.

Dali’s compiled creative work on New York Dream with fashion showed its genius through white silk apparel that featured Dali’s art work of a big Lobster. Schiaparelli and Dali combination again showed some interesting creative talents and in during 1937-38 winter collection, it showed up through an exclusive hat made by Schiaparelli and designed by Dali.

Another historical page in the art fashion combination was demonstrated by, Piet Mondrain, a Dutch Painter. His “Neoplasticism “style created a trend those days in 1930. Mondrain’s inspiring creative art works were taken as inspiration by Hermes, who designed luggage bags featured with white backgrounds, black thick grid lines, and the use of primary colors to enhance its fashion look.

Mondrain’s work continued to inspire the fashion world and many fashion designers even after he passed away in 1944. To say, one of the famous designers, Yves Saint Laurent, took inspiration and created a Fall Mondrain Collection in 1965. Many other designers tried Mondrain’s work previously. However, the stylish cocktail dresses of Saint Laurent, grabbed the attraction of fashion lovers and it become a style statement showing the role of art in fashion, even in the future.

When painters continued to inspire the creative fashion designers, they even unturned their creative opportunities from the inspiring works of architects and other design works. Many designers found themselves with good ties with the architectural works. Coco Chanel once said about the relevance of art and fashion together “Fashion is architecture”. Its proportion can do magic.

For Paco Rabanne, the challenge and interest boosted in building some iconic apparel inspired by architecture. During his runway show in 1966, the brought in some architectural clothes made with metals, sheets, rubber and so on. His creative combination of these architectural works with clothing gave form to unwearable dress shown with contemporary materials, which was a success then.

The winning badge of Rabanne could be related to the inspiration he got from his mother’s advice: “In fashion world, you get the liberty to do anything but at the cost of undermining the beauty of a woman”. In spite of the materials he used, Rabanne truly followed his mother’s words.

The fashion art collaboration saw its another success when the team of Alexander Mcqueen in 2013, brought in the first collection of Damien Hirst. His work reflected the contemporary designs. Entomology series by Hirst has been an inspiration for Alexander Mc Queen.

Creepy crawlers like butterflies, spiders etc find their hiding place in Mc Queen’s fashion work when he combined those in beautiful smooth chiffon scarf. His fabrics gave a different look altogether with its geometrical patterns. This collaborative works gained its place in the fashion and art horizons, which is still continued.

The big names in the fashion industry today, almost all are inspired by the elegant art collections, which are molded to bring life in apparels with a trendy look and style. Fashion’s favorite sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy are a few among the fashion icons who changed the artistic works to inspire the world. The sisters were known to bring back the work of Vincent Van Gogh, giving a tribute to Van Gogh for its sunflower works , putting them beautifully on their chiffon fabrics.

Marc Jacob brought the artistic collaboration to the next level. In 2013, Daniel Buren mentioned their creative fashion work as a “totally crazy experience” which was inspired from the work of Louis Vuitton. Jacob found interesting piece of work by Daniel, who gave a new twist to the canvas designs of Daniel, which made his catwalk show hugely, noticed.

Buren created magic with his unbelievable fashion and art collaboration with its artistic independence. He used moving escalators in Louvre’s central courtyard to create this breathtaking experience.

Now when we came across with the huge connection of fashion and art, the historical pages give evidence to it, which even influence the present renowned fashion designers to create wonderful twist with an artistic touch on their fabrics. This has been a successful path for the new born celebrity artist also. If we think about the role of art in Fashion, here are a couple of instances that shakes away the pre-conceived notions of a proud arts role for Fashion.

Art fashion crossovers give another instance of a well-known Japanese artist, Takashi Murakami. His passion lists long from fine arts to sculpturing, animations, and merchandising. Murakami’s commercial approach to the fashion gives a new arena to the fashion world, where he could express his mind on the works. Through a good commercialization, his works got more exposure, showing the developments in art fashion collaborations can succeed even more.

Marc Jacob is the man who again gave a new platform for Murakami when he was invited to do a project together to create a range of handbags for Luis Vuitton. When that venture was a great hit, Murakami has been associated with the brand for a long time, which could enjoy commercial successes thereafter also. When we look at the niche of footwear, art fashion combination also brings a new trend. Tom Sachs is necessary mention in shoes fashion, with the introduction of a renowned brand, Nike. American sculptures have a different attitude towards fashion commercialization in general. There has been many critics for the ideas brought in by luxury brands like Chanel.
Sportswear has a more accessible platform in the recent days it gave top players like Sachs to explore more in this field. With his engagement in mass production, the production scale has increased and impact in the minds of people has been created.

Vanessa Beecroft gives a creative fashion touch to her multi disciplinary works, with the Italian performances with the use of high profile models. When such fashion performances showed a better exhibition of fashion, there existed some more collaboration. Kanye West with his success in Addidas, launched another product this year with an influence from Beecroft and it made a huge success to the show. However, VB55, his 2005 performance was a mess when the models refused to parade and catwalk on the floor, when they were given a collection of military urban casual wear.
Tuning back to the history, the marvelous works of multi disciplinary art, by Andy Warhol , the renowned pop artist shows his all time fascination for fashion world even when there were no fame and performance platforms those days. Warhol began his works through finding a way to fashion illustration, took the works of fashion magazines, advertisement designing, product designs etc.

His all time renowned infamous Campbell soup cans make a mark in the fashion industry with innovative wearable using it. The can design printed apparels were first worn by society ladies in New York as an inspiration for his show. Campbell introduced the paper version of this dress worth $1 along with two can soups. Warhol also launched his magazine that talked about different designers, models and other celebrities.

The ideas of Wahrol and his can dress works were rooted from the works of Gianni Versac’s pop art work in 1991, wherein jewelry designed prints were used by the artists. In collaboration between art and fashion, noticeable marketing efforts are lacking. Fashion art relationship as we noted from the historical pages, it is now an evergreen phenomenon that is continuously practiced by creative fashion designers and artists. In this contemporary world of fashion and art, their collaboration is getting even stronger, showing a remarkable difference in this glam fashion world.

Top 3 Reasons To Invest In Traverse City Real Estate

It is known fact that Traverse City is one best small town which is best travel destination in the America. This was according to famous website Its name is Grand Traverse Bay and this is governed by six commissioners and one mayor. If you want great returns from your investment then investing money in the real estate here at Traverse City can be a good idea. Below are reasons why investing money here can be a good idea and how you can make good profits out of your investment.


Tourism is the key industry of this city. No one can deny the fact that this Traverse City is the hottest tourist destination in the country. It is also a major producer of tart cherries in the country. A week long cherry festival also held here. It is held during the first week of the July. This cherry festival and other major festival attract millions of tourists every year. This city is famous for natural and beautiful attractions like waterfalls, freshwater beaches, thick forests, and a national lakeshore. There are also many skiing locations here in this city. Since you notice a huge influx of tourists you can invest money by providing accommodation to them. Investing money hotels, spas, clubs and restaurants can help us to make good profits.


Any business that provides jobs to people and supports them financially can get a special grant from federal and state-funded programs that help businessman and entrepreneurs to set up their hotel, restaurant or any other business in the Traverse City. They can easily avail multitude of incentives. By this, we can clearly understand that starting a business here in this city is easy and profitable.


The northwest Michigan action agency helps residents of the city with many issues like paying bills, clearing debts, and they even help to avoid foreclosure of their homes. This agency also offers counseling to homeowners and also offers them one-time cash grant to all homeowners who are facing mortgage foreclosure. For senior citizens, they provide reverse mortgage counseling. This kind of help to the people of this city helps them to stay in their own houses even during hard time. Here people get all kind of financial and non-financial help from various agencies and this agency makes them develop the city in every aspect. These agencies help both house owners and businessmen of the city.

Above are few reasons we should consider before we invest money in the real estate in this city. We can invest money here in the city without any hesitation and doubt. We should understand that investing money in the real estate where you can see millions of tourist every year can be really profitable for the investors. This is one important point we should remember to under the greatness of such city in a simple